Woman in bed with pillow over her head

Are you experiencing symptoms of Burnout?

It’s difficult to talk about burnout without discussing one of the main culprits that leads us to burnout- the ‘busy-ness’ epidemic. When societal pressures and personal hopes collide it’s a problem and recent research from Columbia University supports this conundrum. We want to be less busy personally to follow our dreams and have balance in…

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Spring into greater well-being

The past 18 months has presented most of us with challenges and stressors that can be difficult to summarise. From what was going on and impacting the whole of world, to what is impacting our inner worlds. Even as we continue to study the science of a good life through positive psychology and neuroscience, we…

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Man stretching by a lake

How to reduce self-limiting thoughts and beliefs – Change your brain to flourish

There is something great and wonderful within all of us: We each have the capacity to grow, to discover our strengths and to learn that we have a reservoir of resilience that we can draw from in tough times. When we start from this place of hope and possibility, we can make further changes to…

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Tea And Writing

Write your way to wellness

Hi everyone and welcome to 2020 and our learning for wellness blog! After working across many fields over 25 years including individually as a psychologist, I realised that I loved to teach people both in groups and individually. Then I discovered I love to write, when I chose to, rather than “having to”.  Over time I…

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Couple Running On The Beach

Creating Positive Changes through Movement

As you may be starting to see and hear through our blogs, we are very passionate about neuroscience and positive psychology. Both of these help us to understand our brains and these learnings can in turn assist us to flourish in life. It’s amazing how our thinking (another blog), simple breath techniques and aerobic exercise…

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Adapting and Flourishing in a World of Change

The busy treadmill we were all on, while juggling the many plates of responsibility and expectation has slowed or even stopped for most and we have been left unsure of how to step into this new world. We can navigate this together through finding meaning and sharing stories while being compassionate to others. So, before…

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