Coaching is a joint process which aims to equip individuals and professionals to build upon their skills, resources and wellbeing.


We have created these bite-sized webinars full of information for you to learn about relevant and important topics.

Online Courses

We are excited about the courses we will be bringing you, which include our signature course – 8 Weeks to Flourishing.

Our services

At Core of Wellbeing we are familiar with the challenges people face in day-to-day life, and in our experience most people describe being on a treadmill, which never seems to slow down, while trying to juggle countless hats or plates.

We know how this feels, as Joanne and Crystal-lee have both juggled demanding businesses while studying, working and meeting the needs of children. Although Crystal-lee doesn’t have her own children, she has grown up supporting her younger siblings and is a master in conflict management!

How we help you to flourish

Our coaches draw on their experience in senior leadership, learning and development, industry-wide exposure and knowledge of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience.

We will apply a positive coaching approach to build your awareness, strengths and resources while drawing on the Neuroscience behind coaching to deliver cutting-edge, research-based tools and skills that will help you meet your goals and become your own wellbeing coach.

Your money back

We at Core of Wellbeing understand that there are times when the coaching relationship may need to be terminated due to a referral to a mental health professional or if the coach or client feels that coaching is not serving the client’s best interests. This will be discussed with respect, and refunds can be provided on a pro rata basis for unused sessions.