The past 18 months has presented most of us with challenges and stressors that can be difficult to summarise. From what was going on and impacting the whole of world, to what is impacting our inner worlds. Even as we continue to study the science of a good life through positive psychology and neuroscience, we still felt the sense of gloom and most recently we were impacted by the challenges of supporting a close family member to navigate mental health systems or what we would define as broken mental health systems. This left behind pieces of trauma and a hope to be part of a changing system where we see opportunity, prosperity and most importantly optimism. You see we were not immune to stress with all that we know, however what we do know are the tools that will help us, and you navigate the world to bring about better tomorrows, even in uncertainty.

We too were challenged with fighting for the rights of a loved one experiencing mental health issues and prioritising our mental wellbeing. In our new world which includes living with COVID, it is more important than ever to reset and use spring as an opportunity to reflect on the past, asking questions such as what went well? what were the struggles? And bringing compassion to these struggles and then asking how we would like to feel and be in the future, even with COVID and other challenges we may face.

Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively as we navigate life. Research has found, when we experience more positive emotions such as joy, contentment and awe combined with a sense that one’s ‘life is good’, meaningful and worthwhile, we can move towards flourishing. So how can we do this when time or choice feels limited?

While many are pessimistic about the human future, we can be assured by past examples of the Black Plague where many suffered as there was no information or safety net. We now have information and a safety net along with the fact that the Renaissance was a direct consequence of this terrible event. In this time of Renaissance, we found the printing press the discovery and exploration of new continents. Imagine what we could discover and create together if we believe in better tomorrow’s even though some of us have struggled.

At Core of Well-Being, we are passionate about your well-being so want to share a simple tip that can make a difference to your day.

When things are hard – Simply notice ‘What’s good or going well’. Even when things in your external or internal world seem crazy we can consciously choose, we can take stock and reflect on what was a win today, even small or celebrating another’s win. This reinforces a state of control and reminds us that we are in fact shaping our reality, we had choices and we had wins.

What’s a small win you can share with us today? What do you notice feeling when you acknowledge this small win? Ours today was to connect with you all and share a few tips towards flourishing even in changing times. We both feel proud and happier as we are pursuing what matters most to us.